The Assange case is the most consequential Human Rights case of this Century, because it makes it a crime to reveal U.S. State crimes even outside their borders. Are you safe or free if a powerful State can jail anyone who reveals their crimes?

JULIAN ASSANGE is an Australian journalist in jail in England for publishing evidence credited with ending the illegal invasion of Iraq. The documents revealed war crimes, torture and environmental corruption.

How can we solve abuses we aren't allowed to see? Our Right to Know is the master key to all our rights, and it's in jail with Julian Assange.

Every major Human Rights and Press Freedom group is saying this case threatens GLOBAL PRESS FREEDOM, which means our FREEDOM TO KNOW.

There are a lot of smears around the case, but none of them hold up to any scrutiny. All the experts agree his case seriously undermines Global Press Freedom and our Democratic Right to Know. 

The UN has repeatedly called for his freedom since 2016, but he is still detained in solitary confinement in the UK. A UN expert says they are 'literally torturing him to death'. A letter signed by hundreds of doctors warned he is likely to die soon if not freed, and since then he has suffered a stroke.

While Julian Assange is in jail - so is your Right to Know.

'This is not only about protecting Assange, but about preventing a precedent likely to seal the fate of Western democracy.'

What makes this so important? Aren't there many journalists in jail? 

This case is the first of its kind for the U.S. and U.K. who we expect to be proud leaders for Democratic values. It's also unique in that it's the first time a powerful nation has reached out to jail a foreign journalist working in another country. This ‘is a direct threat to journalists everywhere in the world.’ - Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, Joel Simon

This is an unprecedented test case for GLOBAL press freedom. 

'The case against Julian Assange is outrageous. It is the very future of journalism and press freedom that is at stake.'

If he's done nothing wrong, why can't he just fight it in court in the US?

The charges themselves don't allow for a fair trial, because he cannot argue he published information in the public interest, which is the only defence a journalist would have. The US is using a controversial old spying law, the 1917 Espionage Act, against a publisher for the first time. Defendants are not allowed to argue they had a Public Interest - even if it is undisputed evidence of Human Rights crimes

He would also be detained in 24/7 solitary confinement, which is torture.

'Assange must never be extradited to the United States. It's a serious threat to him personally and freedoms we usually honour, such as Press Freedom, Freedom of Expresssion and Freedom of Information'

Surely we can trust the UK justice system to fairly determine this extradition request?

Apparently not. Amnesty International have said the UK extradition trial was like a 'circus'.
The International Bar Association Human Rights Insititute said the proceedings against Mr Assange 'seriously undermine due processes and the rule of law'

All his private meetings with his lawyers were spied on, he did not have adequate access to his lawyers, in court he was placed in a glass cage away from his lawyers, and given a laptop with the keys glued down. UN Special Rapporteur Nils Melzer said 'this extradition proceeding has become irreparably arbitrary.' There is no chance of justice.

Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders were denied access to monitor the hearings. No one can credibly say that justice is being done.

'The threat to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s freedom is a threat to press freedom around the world...The UK has an obligation to avoid extradition to a place where he faces ill treatment and torture.'

He must have done something wrong?

None of the smears hold up to any scrutiny. The US says he 'put lives at risk' but the prosecution has admitted under oath in two separate trials, that they have found no evidence that his publications caused any harm to anyone. A number of experts, including New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager, testified that Assange took 'extraordinary precautions' to redact sensitive information and to protect sources.

Another smear is that he conspired to hack, to help the source Chelsea Manning to remain anonymous, but again the evidence does not support this allegation.

The indictment criminalises 'common journalistic activity' - Committee to Protect Journalists. The real reason he is being persecuted is that corrupt power is intimidated by the amount of corruption he and his team at Wikileaks were able to reveal.

'You do wonder when the hatchet can be buried with Assange, and not buried in his head by the way?... The real issue really is the activities they were exposing, not their actions ofexposure.''

Democratic leaders must speak up NOW

The US is attempting to assert an unprecedented tyranny, that they can imprison anyone, anywhere in the world, for revealing their Human Rights crimes. Democratic leaders around the world cannot stay silent and credibly stand for Democracy and Human Rights. 

This case threatens South Pacific journalists, the integrity and safety of our Defense Forces, and the wider public's right to know.

Julian is suffering profoudly in arbitrary solitary confinement according to his wife Stella Assange. He is likely to die according to medical experts or be extradited to even worse conditions of 24/7 solitary in the US. We must free Julian before a terrible black mark is left in history threatening anyone prepared to stand up and tell the truth.

New Zealand's Democratic representatives must stand up for a South Pacific journalist, and call on our allies to bring an end to this NOW.

Kia kaha Aotearoa & Australia

We are calling on the New Zealand Government to stand with Australia, and call on our allies the US & UK to bring an end to this and bring Julian home.

Julian Assange with his fiancée, and member of his legal team, Stella Morris.

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