Global Support

'This is not only about protecting Assange, but about preventing a precedent likely to seal the fate of Western democracy. '

- Nils Melzer, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture

Amnesty International

'The US government’s unrelenting pursuit of Julian Assange . . . is nothing short of a full-scale assault on the right to freedom of expression.'
Massimo Moratti, Amnesty International’s Deputy Europe Director.

Reporters Without Borders

'The case against Julian Assange is outrageous. . . If the US government is successful in securing Assange’s extradition . . . the same precedent could be applied to any journalist anywhere . . . it is the very future of journalism and press freedom that is at stake.'
- Rebecca Vincent, Reporters Without Borders Director of International Campaigns

International Bar Association’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI)

'With this extradition trial, we are witnessing the serious undermining of due processes and the rule of law.'
Anne Ramberg Dr jur hc, IBAHRI co-chair

Open letter to Boris Johnson signed by hundreds of international legal observers including 13 current and former heads of state.

'We call on you to act in accordance with national and international law, human rights and the rule of law by bringing an end to the ongoing extradition proceedings . . . Furthermore, it has been revealed by the employees of UC Global, who worked at the Ecuadorian embassy, that the CIA actively discussed and considered kidnapping or poisoning Mr. Assange.'
Open Letter to the UK Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson

Council of Europe

'In view of both the press freedom implications and the serious concerns over the treatment Julian Assange would be subjected to in the United States, my assessment as Commissioner for Human Rights is that he should not be extradited.'
Dunja Mijatović, Commisioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe

Open letter to the UK Secretary of State signed by forty rights groups

'We call on the UK government to release Mr Assange without further delay and block his extradition to the US.'
Open letter by Reporters Without Borders and dozens of other rights groups

Open letter to Joe Biden signed by 24 UK parliamentarians

'We appeal to you to drop this prosecution, an act that would be a clarion call for freedom that would echo around the globe.'
Open letter to Joe Biden, 24 UK parliamentarians

Britain's National Union of Journalists

'If this prosecution is successful, it will chill the media worldwide.'
Michelle Stainstreet, General Secretary, Britain's National Union of Journalists

Freedom of the Press Foundation

US prosecutors seek a precedent that would 'criminalise every reporter who received a secret document whether they asked for it or not.'
- Trevor Timm, Executive Director of Freedom of the Press Foundation

International Federation of Journalists

'His only crime was to denounce the misdeeds and atrocities of others!'
Anthony Bellanger, IFJ General Secretary

European Federation of Journalists

'We believe that the arbitrary detention and criminal prosecution of Julian Assange set an extremely dangerous precedent for journalists, media actors and freedom of the press.'
Ricardo Gutiérrez, General Secretary, European Federation of Journalists

Pope Francis

'After a hard night, Julian woke up this morning to a kind, personal message from Pope Francis delivered to his cell door by the prison priest.'
Stella Morris, Assange's Fiancee

Noam Chomsky

'Julian Assange performed an enormous service . . . exposing to sunlight a power that could evaporate if the population seizes the opportunity to become independent citizens of a free society, instead of subjects of a master who operates in secret.'

US Senator and former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders

'Let me be clear: it is a disturbing attack on the First Amendment for the Trump administration to decide who is or is not a reporter for the purposes of a criminal prosecution. Donald Trump must obey the Constitution, which protects the publication of news about our government.'
Bernie Sanders, US Senator

US member of Congress and War veteran Tulsi Gabbard

‘Brave whistleblowers exposing lies & illegal actions in our government must be protected. . . Join me and urge Congress: Pass my bipartisan legislation (HRes1162, HRes1175, HR8452) calling for charges against @snowden & Assange to be dropped & to reform the Espionage Act.'
Tulsi Gabbard, US member of Congress and War veteran

The Guardian - Editorial

'The US should never have brought the case against the WikiLeaks founder. This attack on press freedom must be rejected.'
Editorial, The Guardian

New York Times

'The case could set a precedent that would put me and countless other journalists in danger. To reverse this dangerous precedent, the Justice Department should immediately drop these charges and the president should pardon Mr. Assange.'
Laura Poitras, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

NBC News

'Julian Assange is still in prison. And America's democratic principles are still at stake.'
Jameel Jaffer, Columbia University