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TUKUA TE PONO Free the Truth

The imprisonment and the charges against Julian Assange are the biggest threat to global justice this century. The US is attempting to erect a legal precedent that they can jail anyone, anywhere in the world for publishing evidence of US state crimes. It's not only Julian Assange that is in jail - it is your right to know.

Julian has been kept for over three years in solitary confinement in the UK despite not being convicted of anything. Before that he endured 7 years of arbitrary detention in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, according to a UN Working Group. The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture says he is being 'intentionally psychologically tortured' for revealing US war crimes.

Julian recently suffered a stroke, and a letter signed by hundreds of doctors warns he is likely to die soon if not freed. But this case is not about one man being persecuted. This case is perilous to all our human rights, because all justice depends upon the fundamental Right to Know.

Every major human rights and press freedom group is calling for Julian's freedom.

What's the big deal? Aren't hundreds of journalists jailed around the world?

This is an unprecedented test case for global press freedom. Never has a powerful nation like the US tried to prosecute and jail a foreign journalist, working on foreign soil. The US is attempting to create a legal precedent that would criminalise publishing evidence of US state crimes anywhere in the world.

‘Extraditing Assange would ‘set a dangerous precedent in the restriction of press freedom.’ - IBAHRI

This ‘is a direct threat to journalists everywhere in the world.’ - Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Journalists, Joel Simon

Why doesn't he just go to the US and fight the charges?

The US has dug up a controversial 1917 law and used it against a publisher for the first time. The 'Espionage Act' makes justice impossible. The jury is not allowed to consider arguments about the public interest of the material published - even if it is undisputed evidence of state crimes. They can only decide whether the material was classified or not. And we know it was.

According to the UN Special Rapporteur, Julian would be detained in solitary confinement, in conditions that amount to torture, even pre-trial. Extraditing him there would violate the Convention Against Torture according to the Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights.

Neither Julian nor his lawyer would be allowed to communicate anything about the trial to anyone. There will be no media coverage allowed. We will have no way to know what happens at the trial, how his health is, or what the conditions of detention are. He will disappear into a black hole and never return.

In the Eastern District of Virginia, Julian would be tried by a secret Grand Jury made up of members of the same organisations whose crimes he exposed. Furthermore, all Julian's private deliberations with his lawyers have been spied on, a clear violation of attorney-client privilege. There is absolutely no chance of justice for him in the US.

A recent investigation revealed that US officials at the highest levels discussed plots to poison, kidnap and assassinate Julian. Under no circumstances should he be extradited there.

Julian is an Australian journalist who was working in Europe. Why should he even be subject to a US law?

Can't we rely on UK justice to fairly determine this extradition request?

Amnesty International have said the extradition trial was like a 'circus'. The International Bar Association's Human Rights Institute said the UK proceedings represent 'the serious undermining of due processes and the rule of law.'

Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders were denied access to monitor the hearings. No one can credibly say that justice is being done. This is a political persecution.

But he must have done something wrong to deserve this? Did his publications cause any harm?

The US prosecution has admitted under oath in two separate trials, that they have found no evidence that Wikileaks publications caused any harm to anyone.

A number of experts, including New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager, testified that Assange took 'extraordinary precautions' to redact sensitive information and to protect sources.

Despite attempts to colour his actions as hacking in the media, the US prosecution does not actually allege in their indictment that he hacked any of the materials published. They were instead freely leaked to Wikileaks by US marine Chelsea Manning.

17 of the 18 charges relate solely to receiving and publishing classified information - criminalising activities which investigative journalists rely on daily. He is alleged to have tried unsuccessfully to help Manning conceal her identity while doing so, but she already had access to the files and had already offered them to the Washington Post. In other words the one charge of 'conspiracy to commit computer intrusion' was an alleged failed attempt at source protection.

Julian didn't publish the codes to nuclear warheads. He published hard evidence of war crimes and torture. The only US interests harmed are those that run outside of the law.

The US is attempting to assert a terrible precedent. That they can imprison any journalist, anywhere in the world, who publishes evidence of US state crimes. That is nothing less than the legal enshrinement of a global tyranny.

The New Zealand Government can no longer stay silent on this case. We must stand up for a South Pacific journalist being persecuted for publishing vital truths in the public interest. The New Zealand Government should ask our allies, the UK & US, to bring an end this.

Kia kaha Aotearoa & Australia

We are calling on the New Zealand Government to stand with the Australian Government in calling for our allies, the US & UK to bring an end to this.

PM Jacinda Ardern should stand with Australian PM Anthony Albanese's calls to and bring Julian home.

Julian Assange with his fiancée, and member of his legal team, Stella Morris.

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Jacinda Ardern PM and Minister for National Security and Intelligence

David Parker Attorney General

Willie Jackson Minister for Broadcasting and Media

Nanaia Mahuta Minister for Foreign Affairs

Andrew Little GCSB

Chris Hipkins Overseeing: Protected Disclosures (Protection of Whistleblowers) Bill

Chloe Swarbrick, Green MP with Broadcasting portfolio

Golriz Ghahraman, Green MP Human Rights lawyer (supports Julian)

David Seymour, Act MP

Paul Hunt NZ’s Human rights Commissioner

Senator Penny Wong - Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs


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