Congratulations PM Albanese, please bring Julian home

Congratulations PM Albanese, please bring Julian Assange home.

Open letter 30/5/22

Aotearoa 4 Assange implores you to stand by your convictions and secure the freedom of Julian Assange. As you’ve said nothing is ‘served by keeping him incarcerated’. We share your concern that a South Pacific journalist is imprisoned, for publishing material vital to the public interest. Rt. Hon Helen Clark said ‘you do wonder when the hatchet can be buried with Assange, and not buried in his head by the way?. . . The real issue really is the activities they were exposing, not their actions of exposure.’1

Julian has been arbitrarily detained for over a decade2, and held in solitary confinement for over three years.3 He recently suffered a stroke and according to a letter from hundreds of doctors his life is in peril.4 Furthermore, it has been reported that US officials at the highest levels plotted to assassinate him.5 Amnesty International said extraditing Julian to the US would ‘violate the prohibition against torture’.6

New Zealand MP and Human Rights lawyer Golriz Ghahraman said this is ‘a threat to press freedom around the world’, a statement echoed by every major press freedom group, and thus threatens the foundations of global democracy.7,8, 9

  • The charges criminalise publishing leaked evidence of US state crimes.10, 11, 12

  • There is no chance of justice in the US. Julian’s legally privileged consultations with his lawyers were spied on.13 Moreover the ‘Espionage Act’ prohibits any public interest defence.14, 15

  • If extradited to the US he would be detained in ‘conditions that amount to torture’.16, 17 Extradition would violate the principle of non-refoulement.18

  • Justice has not been seen in the UK extradition proceedings. Amnesty said the trial was a ‘circus’.19 IBAHRI said ‘with this extradition trial, we are witnessing the serious undermining of due processes and the rule of law.’20, 21, 22, Applications to monitor the trial from Amnesty International and Reporters Without Borders were declined.23

  • Julian has been ‘arbitrarily detained’ for eleven years according to a UN Working Group.24

  • Julian has been ‘psychologically tortured’ according to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.25

  • According to a letter signed by hundreds of doctors Julian is likely to die soon if not freed.26

Julian is an Australian hero. 250,000 Australians have signed a petition for his freedom.27 Every major human rights group, and hundreds of international MPs have called for his freedom.28 History will remember him well, and lament those who could prevent his maltreatment, but do nothing.

We cannot rely on British or US justice in this instance. This is a political case and political intervention is required. You are in prime position to bring an end to this. Stand for Julian Assange and restore integrity to Australian democracy and global press freedom.

Kia kaha. Bring Julian home.

Aotearoa 4 Assange

+64 20 438 2863

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